Belkin n300 dhcp range - wireless printer problem

I've got to troubleshoot a client's wireless printer tomorrow. It's an hp 4500 that's constantly dropping the network. Ive been advised to set its IP outside the belkin n300's dhcp range (model f9k100 v2) but i can't find this info from belkin anywhere. I haven't logged into this router before but I understand it has no editable dhcp reservations, and may simply have dhcp on/off option.

Does anybody know where I could acquire this dchp range info? I understand I should set it above the upper limit but not higher than .254. Any help is much appreciated!!
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    usually you should be able to find the DHCP range under the LAN settings of the router.

    Belkin's documentation is the worst I have ever had to deal with.

    Just assign to the printer
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