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Some older DOS machines at my school can be turned on using the space bar. I didnt think it could be done with XP, but on the Screen Savers Leo said he uses it to turn on his machine. He didnt say how to do it, if anyone knows how to do this could you please let me know. Thanks.
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  1. In the bios you can set the power up option to mouse, key, the regular power button.... well at least for some motherboards you can set it, for others you can't.

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  2. Not all computers use the space key for that. For mine its alt-backspace (AFAIR)

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  3. AndrewT has the right answer, it's in your BIOS menu on many boards, where you can select the keys you want to use for it. Spacebar, alt-bakspace, right mouse pointer, etc are all valid options.

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  4. In some cases you'll also need to make a jumper change on the mainboard too. I have got a couple of EPOX boards where there has to be a jumper change on them (k6-2 boards). Check the manual to make sure of course


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