Weird upload problem.

Alright so not too long ago, about 2-3 months I built a new computer. Everything was working great, doing everything I wanted it to perfectly. Until one day it decided it would go all weird when connecting to upload servers. I was fine with it for a while just put up with it, now its pissing me off. So here's the problem.
So for an easy example when I go to it goes through the ping test fine, the download test fine and then when it gets to the upload, it takes about 5-10 minutes before it finally does the test, and sometimes I get no where near what I get other times. Before this started happening I would get 0.78 or something around there, (crappy Australian internet) now I'm lucky to get 0.35 when it finally does the test. This doesn't happen to anyone else on the network, (they are connected via WiFi) and it's not the router as I've replaced the router and that didn't help.
I was even considering wiping my HDD but I have over 100GB of video footage I can't loose and currently have no way to back it up.
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  1. You need to contact the provider you are with and change your plan or get them to proceed with a line test. It sounds like your plan uses a shared line, so even though they give X amount of Mbps upload and download, the reality is you are sharing that limit with others and not receiving the full amount.
  2. But my brothers laptop and the two iPads in my house do the speedtest thing fine.
  3. Run a virus scan:
    Use this link to download malewarebytes:

    See if it picks up anything and remove it. Don't worry about the trial section of it, just make sure you download the updates. Once scanned and if anything picks up clear it and run the speedtest again.
  4. Not long after this started I did have malware and removed it with the help of someone over at the Malwarebytes forum, and after all the logs were sent the said person helping said that there was nothing more on my computer.
  5. Is it an Asus Motherboard? if so, go into AI Suite and disable icontrol. Many people have had that same exact issue.

    Now if I can find someone to help me with that issue on an Asus Laptop that doesnt have AI suite IControl.
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