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Guys.. I need help..
I currently have 350 watts ATX psu, here's my spec:
- Intel Pentium 4 2.4B
- Gigabyte 8PE667
- 512 DDR 333
- Elsa GLadiac 516TV-out 64MB DDR <Geforce 2 Ti>
- SOundblaster Live
- 1 DVD 16x
- 1 Yamaha CD-RW 16x SCSI
- 1 Asus 52x CD-Rom
- 2 Harddisk
- 1 NIC
- 2 blowers
- 1 SCSI card <for Yamaha CDRW>

Is my PSU sufficient? so far I ran no problem at all, but I am planning to buy a new RAdeon 9700 Pro. and I the new radeon has external power requirement.
Do I need to change my PSU in case I wanted to buy 9700 Pro?

I need help guys... thx..
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  1. Get a nice 500-550 Watts power supply, Enermax or Antec. That way for a long long time you don't have to bother about having enough juice or not. The cost isn't high if you think about the years of trouble free use you will get out of it.

    Anyway, I think the 9700PRO will not like to share that 350 Watts (maximum) with the rest of your toys in that case.

    <font color=red>Got a silent setup, now I can hear myself thinking.... great silence</font color=red>
  2. thanks man...
    you are very helpful..
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