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There are so many opinions on the topic, but I'd like to find out what you all seem to use. I've read reviews stating that Bit defender was the best, or F-Secure, Avast, AVG etc... :pt1cable:

Personally, I use AVG FREE, but I'm looking at changing it, to even a paid version depending on what I'm getting out of it. :D
Since I'm trying to get a better hold of my security, I do a lot of browsing, and connecting 'foreign' drives to the computer... Which has lead to a few viruses... :pfff:

Make sure you've answered the poll, and commented on why you prefer the product. ;)

If I didn't include the Antivirus you prefer.. Just post a comment detailing it. And picking in the poll your choice if your favorite did not exist. :p
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  1. no problem the avast antivirus has great performance
  2. Avast!
  3. The best security is surely to be 100% Microsoft Essential Security Software... It's 100% free and 100% reliable(in my opinion so dont rage at me saying it sucks etc..), it even caught some Virus some other software or Anti Wirus doesn't... Not saying it's the best but should add it to the menu for me and/or others to pick it...
  4. Microsoft Security Essentials. It may not be 'the best', but if you are not a moron clicking on every link on the interwebs then it is more than adequate without getting in the way or eating up system resources, which (in my book) is what makes is awesome. Easy to use, effective, and not annoying are great... and now that it has anti-malware as part of V4 (what happened to v3?) it is finally a complete software package.
  5. given the options listed I would say either Avast! or AVG
  6. avast avast avast avast avast
  7. none of the above i use comodo

    and where is micorsofts own

    a lot of people use that

    and then there is malwarebytes that i have had to use because McAfee failed to detect problems
  8. All the commercial ones are good, but as skanky said, it's very, very important you have other security installed also e.g. good firewall, malwarebytes, spywareblaster, spybot search & destroy.
    Then do regular updates & full scans - usual stuff you'll already appreciate.

    I use AVG Internet Security but am always looking for latest reviews on competition.
  9. None of the above GFI Internet Security.
  10. Why is the list of Anti-Virus so little? I though Malwarebytes was good? I like Malwarebytes because it uses low system usage and also free of protection which is more like Microsoft Essential...
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