Need help wit ha new Wireless Cable Modem & Upload speeds

Title says all, i have the standard modem that my ISP, provided me with when i got it a few years ago, it is a cable based modem (wireless)

Just looking for an upgrade, and suggestions? i am very noob with networking, so is there anyways to boost my download and upload speeds by upgrading modems/routers? or should i contact them via phone and ask them myself?

But anyways wanting to improve my network speeds to stream,

my current speeds are:

as you can see my upload speeds is ridiculous -.-

Thank you.
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  1. what is the upload speed suppose to be?
  2. around 1,000kbs :\
  3. you upload speed has nothing to do with your streaming of music and video from the internet

    I like to have separate modem and router; therefore, I use a Motorola SB6121 and a Netgear WNDR3700
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