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I bought a Westell 7500 router off ebay to replace the same router provided by century link as I was trying to avoid rental fees. My computer recognizes there is a signal, but I can't get the internet to connect. Does anyone know of settings I should change? The router I purchased was configured to at&t service. I have Century link. Century link won't help me because it isn't their router. Thanks
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  1. When you log into the main setup page of the router does it show good dsl signal and a IP address and that PPP is connected.

    Errors in the dsl signal are something the ISP will need to help you with. The PPP needs to have the proper user/account and password defined.
  2. It did show good signal. I got a good username and password from my provider, but it still didn't work.
  3. The main screen of the router should show your status. If it says DSL connected but internet NOT CONNECTED it means there is a problem with the userid and password.

    If both are connected then you have a problem on the lan side of things. Too many options to even guess which is wrong but pretty much it is start with a wired connection and see if you get a ip and can ping the router. Mostly its go back to the manual and follow the setup procedure to find what you missed.
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