Good Buy for Me?

Hi, I'm looking to get a tv tuner card that will allow me to watch TV on my computer, and record shows for me in a decent quality, and have other TiVo-ish functions in general. I don't watch TV much so I thought maybe this would help me not be lazy about catching shows on a regular basis. :P I did some research on this forum and other places and I decided that this seems good price/performance-wise:

Hardware: LeadTek Winfast Deluxe TV2000XP
Software: SnapStream Personal Video Station 2.0

Is this a good deal for what I want? I read some good things about the software in a PC magazine. I have a ATI Radeon 9700 Pro and an Athlon 2400+ all brand new. I have a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card with Klipsch Promedia 5.1' if the tuner card itself doesn't support "surround sound" shouldn't be a problem if I connect it to the line in of my santa cruz, right? Other than that... I think the Leadtek has hardware mpeg2 decoding abilities which people said to look for...

About to buy it from newegg, and the software from their site...

Please -- any last minute suggestions/warnings?

Thanks. :)
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