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I recently purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad SL510 with Windows 7 Professional. Being cautious, I set a backup for my computer to backup data files and a System Image. But to my dismay, the system Image is 98GB in size! Considering the used file space is only 157GB including the system image and data backup, something must be wrong.

by my math:

Total used: 157
- system image: 98
- Data backup: 16
= The rest: 43 GB

How is it possible that the backups are greater than the original files???? There are two massive files in the system image backup directory, one being 700mb and the other 97 GB!

Any input is appreciated, thanks,
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  1. Any ideas?
  2. I'm not understanding your problem. You said that you have 157GB used, yet you're surprised that the backup takes 98GB. 98GB is less than 157GB, this is a good thing, no?
  3. 157 GB total, Including the Backup itself
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    So you're saying you made a backup of a disk and put the backup files on the same disk? That seems pointless, and could potentially lead to issues like trying to backup the backup file...
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