Setting Multiple Computers to Run One Teamspeak Server

My friends and I want to set up a better Teamspeak 3 server but Don't want to spend the money to rent one. We currently have a friend who runs the server on his computer but it is unreliable. We are wondering if we could have multiple computers support one server. So that if one computer fails the server would still get supported by other computers that are supporting the server. Also what would be some recommended hardware stats to run this server.

So I'm asking, can we have multiple computers support a single Teamspeak 3 server? And how?
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  1. From my knowledge, the team speak server software can be set up only on ONE computer.

    Teamspeak is a relatively light application and does not require heavy system specs.
    All you need to do is ensure 100% uptime for the internet connection and good internet speeds. So perhaps a good point to check is your download/upload bandwitch limits are sufficient. Other than that. The software should have the recommended hardware specs in a read me or guide.
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