If i tap my laptop, standby activates

Hi, Not sure which board i should put this in but i figured tomshardware could help.

My laptop monitor is broken, so i use an external monitor via VGA cable.

IF i TAP my laptop, (the slightest tap, even if i flick it with my finger), it will go in to standby mode, and I haveto press the power button to get it out.

Previously, the computer would go to a 800x600 resolution when i touched it, but I just reformatted, and now it goes to standby mode.

I have NO idea what would cause this. Do you guys have any ideas?


EDIT: I disabled sleep and hibernate and now it goes back to 800x600 when i touch the laptop.
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  1. Sounds like something is shorting. Sounds like the only recourse is to take it in and have it looked at. Depending on how old it is, is there still a warranty? Otherwise, it might be too expensive to fix as opposed to getting something newer, especially if it's an older laptop.

    It could also just be a loose connection somewhere that needs to be reseated. Laptops are funny creatures at times, though.
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