How do you stop your internet connection from cutting off when your playin the g

i am sooooooooo mad my internet keep going out when i play the game online it lags alot and it kick me from the games i be in. is there anyway i can stop this from happening
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  1. It depends whether it is your equipment, which you can work on fixing, or an ISP problem that you would have to have your provider fix.

    Does it happen randomly or specific times of day and are there others using your network at the same time?

    Is it a wired or wireless connection? Run the test at in a computer browser and see what kind of stability you have on the line.
  2. Sounds like you have a DNS issue. Try to change your router to use one of the public ones like or There are a number of other things that cause this like firewall settings that can cause this too you will need to check the logs and see if there are errors.
  3. Quote:
    well i think i have the same problem the thing is that all other programs like Skype , messenger ,yahoo,ares and all the programs which work with the internet work normally except for internet pages whether it is Google chrome or internet explorer they just stop working for 10 min and they come back till now i don't know whats wrong with it other than that my laptop is in good shape (other laptops work fine so its not the router )
    Please start your own thread and don't hijack the original poster, as his issue is probably not the same as yours.
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