Bluetooth software for windows 7 free download for dell laptop

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  1. i want blue tooth software on my dell inspiron i3
  2. Hi jishaj,

    My name is Ashutosh kumar sharma and i work for dell social media and community.

    Please be specific about your dell inspiron laptop,there are several dell laptop with i3 processor.
    However,you can go to>click on drivers and downloads->enter your system service tag(alpahnumeric seven character's information at the bottom of your laptop on white barcoded label) and you will get list of your system drivers and from the list download the bluetooth drivers.After download is sucessfull reboot your system and your system will automatically detect the bluetooth devices.

    Ashutosh kumar sharma
  3. See if this works for you:
    Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly
    They mention the automatic and manual methods for updating drivers.
    watch the Demo Video
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