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Working out how damaged network was originally set up

Last response: in Networking
December 11, 2012 8:52:52 AM

Hi there,
I find myself fixing a network that pooped itself after a new router was installed and another router that was working as a repeater was reset.

So it goes ISP > NETGEAR CG3100D interent gateway > Linksys E2000 router with dd-wrt (that should be acting as a repeater) > Media PC

Before I ask the best way to set the repeater up, I will say that the netgear and linksys are NOT connected by CAT-5 but this powerline thing (

Ok. So i've heard about wireless bridges and repeater bridges but are these the right ways to set up the linksys as a repeater? Is there a better way? And which of these do I need to follow ?

Thanks in advance :wahoo:  !

Best solution

December 11, 2012 1:50:38 PM

What you have is actually set up not as a repeater but as a wireless access point, so this tutorial:

Just think of the powerline adapters as part of the CAT5 cable connection from the netgear to linksys. You will make an LAN to LAN connection between the two (with the CAT5 and powerline adapters), turn off DHCP in the Linksys, change the Linksys IP address to a static address in the network in both the Netgear and Linksys (if Netgear is gateway at, assign the Linksys, and allow the Netgear DHCP to assign to .254 if you have no other static devices like printers on network connections), set the same SSID in each, use the same security type and password in each wireless, and use different radio channels, like 1 and 6.

edit: and this AP setup should be more stable and faster than a bridge or repeater mode.
December 12, 2012 1:24:41 AM

Best answer selected by bfalcon.
December 12, 2012 1:25:17 AM

SO much thanks! I haven't tried it yet but it all makes sense. Cheers m8
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