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I cant seem to access a webpage. I have 2 computer hooked up to a router and the router to a cable modem. One computer works fine and the other all of the sudden stopped being able to access the web. It says I have a connection but internet explorer and firefox can pull anything up. On bottom right it says local area connection is connected but another one says local are connection4 network cable unplugged. all cables are fine and network adapter says its working properly.. any suggestions? I made sure my windows firewall is not blocking it and I tried deleting browsing history, addons. Thanks
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  1. Which cable modem and router, and how do you have them attached? Was it working previously in this configuration, have you reset any of the devices or updated firmware?
  2. Hi

    The configuration is both computers are hooked into the router and the router is connected to the modem an the modem the wall. Yes all worked fine with that configuration. The last thing I did was Dow load iTunes and it was working fine after that then I woke up the next day and it wouldn't connect. Not sure what is firmware?
  3. Firmware is sort of like the bios of the router, and apparently that is not the issue.

    Occasionally, the Bonjour service that iTunes installs can displace your network connection. You can turn it off in services. Here is a detailed step by step on how to do that to fix the issue:
  4. I see that is for windows 7. I have xp. Will those steps still work?
  5. also i went ahead and tried it and the bonjour service is alrready stopped
  6. I would remove it entirely and re-install if for some reason you need it, which you often don't. Here is a good description of how to remove it in the first post if you run XP:
  7. thanks for the help. actually all i had to do was reset my network settings. lol
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