What's the best usb wireless adabpter for Ad-Hoc\ing?

hi guys

as the title says, I want to know what is the best usb wireless adapter to use as Ad-Hoc, I want to share my desktop internet connection with the rest of the house Wirelessly, my budget is 20$, preferred site is amazon.

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  1. There is very little difference in performance between USB adapters. Pretty much you are going to be limited by the slowest machine you are connecting to your desktop. So it does little good to buy one that can do dual band and 450m if you have machines that can only run G mode.

    So once you figure out that, your next challenge will be to get the best radio signal you can get. Adapters that have external replaceable antenna give you the option to use a larger one if reception is not good enough. Second you want one that does not get hidden behind your computer case because that is where the USB slot is. The solution to that is to run it on a USB cable that allows you to place the unit someplace that is more visible to the other devices.

    Still as long as you don't buy the absolute cheapest thing you can find all adapters will be very similar.
  2. thanks for your replay, I have intel core i5-3570k, asus p8z77-v MoBo and my case is cooler master chaser mk I which have a front usb ports, also I don't have any routers, my PC Internet connection is wimax trough usb, thats why I want to share my connection using usb wireless adapter,

    ps, will this one work ?


    or this one


    I want to share the internet with my iPhone 4s, HTC ONE V, nokia 8 and PS3
  3. I would buy the first one since it has a detachable antenna.

    The second one is actually a better adapter because it runs MIMO to get 300m it has multiple antenna inside that little box. But since your other equipment does not support mimo it is a waste of money to buy it.

    Note be sure to buy a USB extension cable like it shows in the second photo you don't want to install it like they show in the third photo...all the metal casing will block a lot of signal.
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