Windows 7 wont boot from disk or install without freezing/crashing

Ok I have finally fixed the BSOD errors during installation of Windows 7 but now I face a different problem, everytime i try to install from the boot disk, it will boot through the windows loading screen and then to the screen with the blue background where the install setup should be but it just has the mouse with the loading circle next to it for like 5 minutes and then just reboots automatically... so i tried installing it while running xp so i go through the setup, i deleted and then created a partition on my other harddrive and installed windows 7 onto that, it says i need to restart after it goes through 27% of the second step so i do and then when i get to the installation upon reboot it just says "installing windows" and freezes there so im forced to reboot and try again... can someone offer me any help as to what is going on and what i should do?

EDIT: take note that the setup after restart only works in safe mode for me, otherwise it will say the setup was unsuccessful and reboots quickly.
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  1. Check the BIOS boot order.

    If you want to install Windows 7 on your "other harddrive", your boot order needs to be CD/DVD drive then the "other harddrive". After the initial install off of the DVD, you need to remove the DVD from its drive before the reboot. Then, the BIOS will direct the reboot to the "other harddrive" for the completion of the install.

    Hope this helps.
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