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I wanna build a dual channel pc 2700 system on an nforce2 mb.i was just looking on the crucial website and their prices for 256mb modules of pc2700 are good (i am in uk).however i wanna run the memory at cl2 even though it is cl2.5 coz i've read that you can with decent memory.does anyone know if the crucial (micron) pc2700 CL2.5 dimms can be run at CL2?
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  1. CL2 timing should do quite fine on a PC2700 module from Crucial.

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  2. Wow, that was just the question I was gonna ask :). Im in the uk looking for DRR aND CRUCIAL IS THE CHEAPEST AND GENWERALLY THE BEST, BUT DONT DO CL2. (Sorry for caps) Corsair was too expensive so I was stuck.... thx
  3. The crucial PC2700 i know of can do cas2.0 quite easily.

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  4. I have used lots and lots of Crucial DDR 2100 in the last year and every last one has run at CL2 flawlessly. I see no reason why the 2700 should be any different. I think Crucial calls it CL 2.5 just to cover their own backsides. You'll be hard pressed to find a Crucial stick that won't do it.
  5. Yup.
    Smitbret here just said it. CL2.5 disclosure is just to protect their "rear-end". Any major DDR RAM modules will run a CL2 timing flawlessly. I'm one to believe that Micron chips could support a timing of CL1 if it existed. I may be exagerating a bit here, but my point is they are most stable at any aggressive timings and they are cheap. Of course, they don't officially offer "insane" modules like the XMS line from Corsair, but my guess is that a PC2700 module from Crucial could probably kick any XMS modules's "exhaust device". But that's just my opinion. I have always used Crucial modules at the most aggressive timing my systems could support and never had any problem whatsoever.

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  6. Ill add another vote for Crucial. I have never, and I mean NEVER had a crucial DDR stick not run at CL2. I never tried their SDRAM so not srue aobut older products. But as far as PC1600 and up, they all do CL2 just fine. Where I have had problems is with the precharge and 1T command.

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  7. looks like i'd be a fool not to buy crucial then after all these votes of confidence.thanks for your help guys.

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  8. Booky crucial SDRAM is just as good. I currently have 256mb of crucial pc133 in my p3 system, I can get it up to about 150mhz by using it in an old BX board awith a celeron and a low multiplyer. its just as great as the DDR, relatively cheap also.
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