Wired connection drops randomly


My problem is the following:
I have a modem + a router and with my PC, I use cable connection, with my phone/laptop I use wireless.

The network connection randomly breaks on my PC.
The internet connection goes away, can't even reach the router's admin page, while the wireless connection works flawlessly on my phone or laptop, the router doesn't reset or anything like that.
It happens very randomly, sometimes once in a week, sometimes twice in 30 minutes.
When the connection is lost, there's a yellow exclamation mark on the network icon (Win7).
The only way to fix the connection is manual, as in you have to plug out, then plug in the cable and it works again.
This problem has persisted with two operating systems (XP and Win7) and two network cards, yet I couldn't find a solution. I've also tried to plug in the cable to the router's other slot, yet it doesn't help.
My question is, what could be the problem here? The router? Perhaps the cable?

I will provide more information if needed.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi,

    This almost sounds like an IP address conflict.
    This sometimes happens when an IP address is set to (hypothetically)
    manually and you have a device with DCHP (DHCP gives our IP addresses automatically) giving out the same address.

    Use this guide to check the IP addresses for both the win 7 and xp machines:

    If you see one of them using the manual configuration just select the "Obtain an IP address automatically" option.

    If it was network cable the bubble wouldnt go yellow. You would have a red X through it.
  2. It was set on automatic on the PC, but it was not defined (nor could be) on the router, only if you want to set it manually, so I assume it was automaticly dynamic DHCP.
    I've tried the opposite now, assigning a static IP to the pc, and defining this computer to always give the same ip to this pc, we'll see how it works, if it doesn't, I'll write some more :)
    Anyways, thanks for the tremendeous help Icefire! :)
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