Does wifi router cap download speed ?


I have 100 mbps download cable ISP. I am using a netgear wnr3500nl wifi rotuer to connect all my PCs to the network.

Under router settings, I set the speed to 300 mbps (enabling N/g etc)

When I connect using a cable, my download speeds are 90 mbps using speed test.
When I connect using laptop wifi, my download speeds max out at 25 mbps.

The upload speeds are about the same for both.

I would like to get as close to 100mbps as possible using wifi.

Is my Netgear router capping my download speed ? If I get a new router, will my wifi speed increase significantly, closer to 50-90 mbps ?

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  1. WiFi will pretty much always be slower than wired.

    WiFi SHARES the bandwidth among all the devices, if you have 2, you will get 1/2 bandwidth to each, 3 you have 1/3 to each.

    How far away you are, what's in the middle of the devices, if you have any other signal interference in the area from other wifi signals, microwave, cordless phones, etc.. all cause slowdowns.

    That router is pretty good, you can get some wifi extenders maybe to get a stronger signal in other rooms.
  2. Ok, i was using WEP encryption...which i learned limits speed.

    I changed to wpask+aes and now i get 50 mbps downloads vs 26 mbps with wep.

    Huge 50 mbps the best i can do wifi? My wired speed is 100 mbps down (tested on speedtest)

    My wifi router is 3 feet from my laptop always. There is usually no other device using the internet while i am.
    Generally, the only other thing connected to my router is my ipad, which is just sitting on standby.
    So, no other devices are actually using any bandwidth.
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