Will computers from the switch have access to the internet?

I have a Netgear N600 connected to a modem.

I want to connect a switch to the Netgear N600, my question is, will multiple computers connected to the SWITCH have access to the internet?

Router : Netgear N600
Switch: Rosewill RC-405X 10/100Mbps Switch

Thank you for your time. I have read online that a switch does not share internet. So I have come here to verify.
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    Yes, A switch is designed to give machines access to the LAN. The switch you are purchasing is a 5 port. So your Netgear will have a WAN and LAN port. Connect the internet cable to the WAN port on the netgear then get a seperate cable to connect to the LAN port on the netgear and port 1 on the switch.
  2. When you mentioned the "internet cable" are you referring to the Ethernet cable from the modem?
  3. I normally say internet cable to determine the cable that gives direct internet access.
    Your router can take ADSL which may look more like a phone cable plugged into the ADSL port on the Netgear. However it may also be an ethernet cable as you stated plugged into the WAN port.
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