XBOX 360: Wireless router to Wired router connect Network not Internet

Hi there!

I'm having trouble connecting my 360 to the wireless router to gain Internet access.

I use my phone's Wi-Fi to gain internet access with NO issues. My current setup: NetGear Wireless router is connected to my D-Link wired router, and I can access the internet no problem. (10 MBPS down, 5MBPS up)

When I try to connect the 360 to the Netgear Wireless router, it connects to the Network, but Internet test it reads "DNS error - The router or modem may mot be automatically providing DNS settings. Try a manual DNS setting instead."

(Next suggestion) "DNS Error - If you have a PC that can successfully browse the web, check it's network properties to find the DNS address it uses..."


Now, I have XBMC running on my computer, and the 360 can access the network so it shows up under Video Apps so I can see a file list to stream movies. When I try to run a movie, it says I must download an update - so I can't watch the movies at all.

I just need help with the config to set it up so I can access the Network AND Internet.

Again, Netgear wireless router (which 360 connects to) connected to D-Link wired router.

Please help! I'll answer any questions if you think you can help!
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  1. Which one of the two does the DHCP service?

    Is the wireless router configured as an access point? If the D-Link is the primary router with DHCP, the Netgear should be configured as an AP with an IP address in the same network as the primary router.

    Did your setup ever work or is this a new configuration?
  2. This is a brand new setup.

    The DHCP is on the D-Link (wired) I believe.
    Edit: It is, screenshot below...


    Let me check if Netgear (wireless) is setup as an AP... I'll edit when I find out.

    Netgear has a Wireless Repeater function, can I set it up to act as an Access Point? If so, what should I do?



    Here's the IP Setup (Using an app called Fing for Android.)

    My Phone HTC & Dell works for internet.

    Does Microsoft (the 360) supposed to have a different IP address? Because HTC & Dell both connect to the Network and Internet. Microsoft only connects to the Network (Because it connects to the XBMC App I'm running on Dell to stream movies) and _not_ the internet. (Checked also by 360's XBOX Live Network Test)

  3. It looks like you need to assign the D-Link a static address of in the Netgear configuration window that you posted. The Fing post shows you the MAC address for the D-Link to use when you make that assignment. That may be all that you still need to do.
  4. Assign the D-Link a static address of in the Netgear pic I posted, in what respect? I think I already did that, lemme check and post a pic... Hold on BRB :)

    (BTW, thank you for your quick responses)


    Did you mean like this? (This was already setup in D-Link)


    Or did you mean set up in the Wireless Repeater pic I took in Netgear (wireless)

  5. No, in the first D-Link page you posted it shows the DHCP assignments, just above that where it says static DHCP, enable it and enter the MAC address of the Netgear and the address of

    Do not enable wireless repeater on the Netgear, you already have it assigned an address of in the Netgear, just do that also in the D-Link as in the above sentence and it should work.

    What confused me was that normally the gateway that runs DHCP is 192.168.x.1 and the wireless AP would be 192.168.x.2 -- so I saw them the other way around.
  6. Didn't work :(

    XBOX gave MTU Error

    Screenshot of what I did:

  7. NO! I didn't say to give the XBOX that address, I said to give the Netgear AP that address. Leave the XBOX alone as a dynamic device. The access point needs a static address.

    Details, it is all about details.

    You have to THINK about what you are trying to do. You have a router that assigns DHCP and you have an access point that needs a static address, and then you have a multitude of devices that accept dynamic DHCP provided devices. The main router assigns the DHCP, the wireless router that has DHCP turned off is an access point that needs a static address, and everything else will use a dynamic address that is assigned by the DHCP server. It is really simple if you just think about it. Figure out which device has which role and assign it accordingly.
  8. Ok sorry, I'm quite the newb when it comes to setting up routers...

    I'll try to figure it out again.

    What would helps me the most (if you have time) is to edit the picture(s) I posted and tell me what to write and what fields to put them in...

    I'll try in the meantime...

    Thanks for your help thus far, I hope I can get through this.


    Edit: if you notice in the picture, the MAC address is the one from Netgear. The name "XBOX" is just a description.


    Edit 2: So like this?


    Edit 3: apparently not. I'm sorry, I'd really appreciate what exactly to enter in each field please.

    It always connects to the Netgear, which in turn conne ts to the D-Link because I can access the computer from my 360. My phone can FTP to the computer also. And my phone can access the internet via Wi-Fi.

    I'm just really frustrated I can't figure it out.

    Sorry for misunderstanding all the help you've given me... I'm seriously about to give up.

    The only thing that bothers me, is earlier today, I was able to access the internet from the 360 (without changing any settings) then when I tried it again, it stopped working. So I don't know what I did (if anything) to get it to work. But it's very aggrivating...
  9. Wait maybe that did the trick.

    I tried downloading an ESPN video app and it worked.

    And I searched for movies, and by typing a few letters it started showing movies... So maybe the last pic I posted was correct?
  10. No, just sit down and think.

    I said that the Netgear wireless needs to be given that static address -- not ANY of your other devices. First you gave the XBOX the static address and now an Android phone! The Netgear is the one that needs to be static at

    So in the Dlink configuration page static DHCP settings, under name type Netgear, address, MAC address C0:3F:0E:EF:A1:60 and leave all of your other devices set to get their address from the dynamic DHCP. That is it!

    Like I said earlier sit down and think about it before you start doing.

    And if any problems remain, normally the gateway that runs DHCP is 192.168.x.1 and the wireless AP would be 192.168.x.2 -- as I originally saw them the other way around -- and you could swap the two addresses if the Netgear does not want to work at
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