What about 32bit Rdram 4 channel?

I read thru some pdf files on rambus.com and 32bit rdram 4 channel can give 9.6GB/bandwith using 1066rdram modules.

So i'm guessing 4 channel rdram using 800mhz modules could do an 800mhz FSB for the P4 and one using 1066mhz modules could do a 1066mhz FSB.

If it was done it would pretty much look like a dual channel 16bit rdram board.

DDR 400 gives 3.2GB/sec so in dual channel it would only give
6.4gb/sec. 4 channel 32bit RDRAM 1066 blows that away.

Anyway thought it be interesting cause there is still ways to get way more bandwith from rdram than ddr.

If i'm wrong on this let me know, thanks :)

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  1. Yes. That sounds right. Problem is theory doesnt match to what you can find or get in reality.

    Such bandwidth at the moment doesnt exist.

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  2. Actually i was snooping about on Samsung's site they have OCTO RDRAM. Ill have to resnoop to find the link.


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  3. yes a no i will need a new chipset

    Now what to do??
  4. You'll need a new chipset if you want to use the 800mhz FSB cpu's coming 2nd quarter next year.

    Intel releases new chipsets nearly as much as they do new cpu's.
  5. It doesn't matter, and won't for a long time. The fastest bus speed I'm hearing of for the future is 800MHz (QDR400) and Intel already has a chipset in testing that supports dual channel DDR400 for it. You don't need more bandwidth fpr the memory bus than for the CPU bus, it's mostly just wasted!

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