I have a problem logging into my Linksys 160N administration so I can configure

I just resurrected an "old" Linksys WRT 160N V3 router that had been around the house for a while so that my daughter can have internet access on her laptop. I wired it up to my Hi-Speed (Cable) successfully and was going to go in and check the configuration using the usual browser address and the little pop-up box where you're supposed to leave the user name blank and enter "admin" as the password (my daughter has her laptop with her so I've been unable to do a "road test...").

Problem is, I found an old email address of one of my sons already in there as a user name that I could click on. I had no clue what password he might have used so just left the user name area blank and typed in "admin" as the password like everyone tells you to do. Rather than allow me access, it just recycled the log-in box over and over again.

How do I take everything back to the way it was when the router came out of the box?
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  1. There should be a reset button or hole on the back. There is slight variation in the procedure so you will need to go to the manufacture site..but most involve holding the button for a period of time and then power cycling the router.

    Then of course do not leave the pass word as admin and blank set it to something only you know or someone again will change it and it may not be a relative.
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