Two routers, two seperate wifi networks - one internet connection

Thank you in advance for any thoughts on how to accomplish this..
I am trying to set up two routers so that I can offer free wireless connectivity via three AP's in three adjoining rooms on a first floor and secured wireless and wired network connectivity in upstairs offices.

The setup is like this:
Verizon DSL connectivity..static IP
The gateway modem/router is a Verizon DLink DSL 2750B with three ports connecting to three wired Access Points in three first floor adjoining rooms, and the 4th port connecting to a Cisco E1200 (wireless and ethernet router) located next to the Verizon Dlink.

I would like the Verizon DLink to give open wireless connectvity via the access points and also connect to the adjacent E1200 router.
I would like the Cisco E1200 to offer secured wireless and ethernet connectivity to the upstairs offices. (connecterd to the Cisco E1200 is a 24 port Netgear switch.)

I have spent considerable time talking with Verizon and Cisco/Linksys but have not been successful in just how to set this up.
A former tech actually did have this setup but for what ever reason the settings were reset to factory defaults with no written record as to the necessary settings.
Thank you for any help in accomplishing this.
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  1. what is currently working?

    what are the IP addresses of the routers and APs?
  2. Emerald said:
    what is currently working?

    what are the IP addresses of the routers and APs?

    I am at my "day job" and will respond tomorrow. Thankyou for your reply.!
  3. Hello Emerald,
    First: modem/router provided by Verizon :
    DLink model 2750B
    static IP
    Port 1 to aeronet AP
    Port 2 to aeronet AP
    Port 3 to aeronet AP
    Port 4 to Linksys E1200, IP
    Port 1 going to 24 port Netgear switch which connects to in house computers and POS Micros system
    The Dlink is in full bridge mode
    the aeronet AP's show up in my networks, but do not give internet connectivity

    The Linksys does give password secured wireless connectivity

    Before the system crash, we had open wireless connectivity via the three aeronets in separate rooms on first floor locations, and secured wireless connectivity via Linksys as well as LAN connectivity via the Linksys/Netgear switch arrangement in the upstairs office location. and that is what I am trying to wireless access via the three aeronets on first floor, and secured wireless and LAN connectivity on the upstairs location.
    I have spent hours with Verizon and Linksys but for whatever reason I am unable to recreate what was at one time working.
    thank you for any suggestions.
    Be Calm
  4. what is the LAN IP (internal) of the D-Link?

    what is the WAN IP of the Linksys?
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