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Okay, my internet is way slower than it should be and i don't know what to do now. i have tried many things. lets start here... when i turn on my computer, for approximately a minute it is just as fast as it should be (about 8Mb) and after that it is super slow. loading emails from newegg takes like 20 minutes. uploading a ten minute youtube video takes like 1000 minutes. i know it isnt cable relating for it woks just fine when plugged into my laptop. i have tried many things, i can't name them all, such as: resetting ip address, making ip address static, disabling ipv6, and much much more. i have a sabertooth z77 motherboard with built in lan card. i have not ruled out a faulty motherboard. i tried it at a freinds house and got the same result. what can i do guys?
thank you to anyone who can help. ~david.
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  1. Just as a starting thought, have you updated all the drivers, particularly the LAN driver and wireless if you have a wireless adapter?

    Since it starts okay, next I would check for viruses and trojans -- download the free Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 and boot from it and check all drives, make a CD from this image and boot from it:

    Have you checked all your power control settings and made sure that the LAN and wireless never power down? Power settings control panel.
  2. i have updated everything. it is not wireless.

    and i know its not viruses because it has been doing this since i built it. that was in july.

    my power control settings are fine. its a desktop so that usually isnt an issue anyway.
  3. Do you have other machines to test with? If so see if the same issue occurs.
    You may need to replace or upgrade your router or modems firmware to ensure less overheads.
  4. make sure you read everything icefire900. i stated that i tested my laptop with the same ethernet cord. i also stated that i took my computer to my friends house and checked to see if that resolved the problem and it did not. that pretty much rules out anything to do with the router and cable.
  5. Sorry :( misread that part. I believe it will be the LAN adapter, however you have stated that you have updated this as well.

    All I can think of trying is:
    1) Update LAN drivers.
    2) Reload OS
    3) Replace LAN card
    4) Replace motherboard

    Considering the LAN is built in I would say try the OS reload. If you have already upgraded the Chipset then the OS reload will rule out faulty drivers and software so you are stuck with a faulty motherboard.
  6. i checked again for the drivers and there was a new update and i installed it but it did not change anything. won't a whole OS reload erase everything i have? i have alot of stuff i dont want to lose lol. i was thinking i could maybe buy a lan card and use it but that would still leave me with a faulty mobo assuming that is the problem.

    but how does this explain the fact that it works blazing fast in the first minute of a boot up and then turns into zombie internet?
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