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hi i have a cable modem connected to a wireless router hard-wired to two seperate ps3's. I am looking to get the optimum connection speeds out of my ps3. i have been told to use a switch instead of my router. i also want wireless in my house as well. can i hook up like this? ; modem switch (ps3 ps3 router)? if i connect my modem directly to one ps3 my ps3 will not find an ip address will this problem remain if i go through the switch or will it find an ip address? will this optimise my connection? will my connection be better if when not in use i unplug the thernet cable going to the wireless router from the switch? is there any other way to optimise my connection speed on my ps3?
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  1. Nope ...unless you pay the cable company for 3 connections.

    A router main purpose in a home network is to allow multiple machines to share a connection. A switch pretty much just add more lan ports to the router. If you work at you can make a single PS3 work directly attached to a cable modem. The reason you ps3 "appears" to not work is the cable company only allows a single device and they for a time remember that you had a router attached.

    Even with a switch behind the router you will get no benefit. You are talking about improving online gaming. The slow link in the path is the cable going outside your house. No matter how fast you make everything in your house it must share this cable. The only way for you to get a benefit from a switch is if you were doing something like streaming video between devices inside your house.
  2. Thanks i appreciate the info ... my issue now is comcast wants an arm and a leg for blast and my first born for extreme where when i had fios before i moved i was getting between 25 - 30 mbps on my ps3 now i get 22 max. i play 3 times better when my connection is 20mbps or better compared to about 15mbps. I just have trouble sustaining the 20mbps mark
  3. 1) Check with your provider in getting a better plan that provides a higher download/ upload. You can get providers that guarantee a certain data rate.
    2) Make sure all devices: Modem/router/switch are gigabit technology. Old routers and switches are 10/100 when gigabit is 100/1000 meaning better throughput from your connections.
    3) Buy or upgrade your modem/routers firmware, this may allow less overhead increasing overall data throughput. (Alot of the times your cabling is capable of giving maximum throughput however your routing device can only handle so much data before it locks up
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