Can Wired and Wireless network work simultaneously on a single router

I am trying to figure out how to access internet through landline broadband (DSL) on my Wifi Mobile phone. Whatever I have gathered on web makes me inclined to think that a Wireless Router (with modem) will be able to do this. I also have an HP Pavilion computer which will also connect the Wireless Router to access internet. I was thinking of connecting the HP Pavilion computer to wireless router using wired connection (Ethernet cable) to avoid cost of purchasing Wireless Network Adapter (My pc does not have one).

So, if whatever I said is correct, my main question is whether the wireless router can work in wireless mode (for mobile) and wired mode (for my HP pc) at the same time?

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    Yes wireless routers are designed to work exactly as you describe.
  2. john-b691,

    Thanks for confirming.

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