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My basement has extremely thick walls, so although my Xbox 360 isn't very far from my router (100 feet at most), the walls just kill the signal. To help this I got a wireless range extender, which significantly helped connectivity on my computer, but my Xbox 360 still doesn't get the best signal. I'm using Microsoft's official Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter, and as far as I know, it is a pretty inadequate wireless receiver. So basically my question is, what can I do to increase my wireless strength on my Xbox? Would buying a better receiver be a good option? If so, could someone with some experience recommend one. Basically any price is fine, as long as it's not absurd. Also, if there are any other options, please let me know. Thanks.
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  1. 100ft is close to the maximum even without thick walls causing a problem.

    You best bet is to try a bridge or a router that can be set to bridge mode that has removable antenna. This allows you to use directional antenna. A directiona antenna will cost about $30 for a smaller one.

    What is strange is that you can get a outdoor unit that does this all cheaper than building your own. It is a little on the large side about 1ft x 1ft x1ft.

    This site also sell other antenna and such but this is the cheapest option that I have used.

    Now if this doesn't work then you are going to have to go to a non wireless method like power line extenders.
  2. I highly recommend Amped Wireless. I have one of thier Access Points... the AP20000G! It's got hardcore coverage and I can even stream videos with no problems from 150ft away from the AP! This is through 4 walls+outside in an area with a lot of APs.
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