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Considering that the FSB of an AXP is 133, how much of an improvement would I gain by buying PC2700 memory and setting the memory speed to 166 on an AXP 1800+. Surely there wouldnt be any because of the bus bottleneck?
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  1. i think it would make a difference using pc 2700.i don't think the 133fsb affects it too greatly.it depends more on the chipset of your mb.bear in mind that the kt333 chipset has been around for ages and we only just have 333fsb(ddr) athlons coming out now.i'm pretty sure that pc 2700 runs as ddr 333 even with a 266fsb cpu otherwise kt333 would have been pointless.
  2. there will absolutely be an improvement. how much exactly depends on what application you use etc, but we're talking fundamentals here. there WILL be an improvement if you set your FSB:Mem ratio to 4:5
    did you think that the memory must run at the FSB speed? or were you referring to the fact that when the fsb and memory are at a 1:1 ratio performance seems to go up slightly, so going from this perfect matchup to 166x2 memory would show no improvement?
  3. Well, do some simple math. At 133MHz, on cycle takes 7.5ns, so cas2 PC2100 will respond in 15ns. Now, at 166MHz on cycle takes 6ns, so Cas2 PC2700 would respond in only 12ns. That 3ns faster response time is enough for a roughly 1-3% gain in many programs.

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  4. Sounds reasonable to me.

    Might not see any difference in memory benchmark programs which use calculated latencies but you should see the gains in real programs.

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  5. Ok thankyou all, thats made my mind up. Ill go for PC2700 as its only £3 more, it has better performance (even on the 266fsb athlons) and will give me some room for future upgradability.
  6. Yeah, future proofing that works (unlike trying to but a video card or whole system for the future) is well worth 3 pounds (don't know how to type that symbol).

    Just one thought; how much is DDR400 memory in your country? I heard a rumor (just a rumor, no evidence) that Barton will run a 200 Mhz bus.

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  7. phsstpok is right.it might be worth going for ddr 400.i am in uk too and i just looked on komplett.co.uk and 256mb of ddr333 is £45 and 256 of ddr400 is about £56.it might be worth considering.

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  8. that's about $71 and $88 respectively to you phsstpok if you are interested.

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  9. Thanks for the info.

    From just your post I thought you were selling memory. I went back and read your replies. Thanks for converting the price of DDR333 and DDR400 memory to US dollars.

    I don't know Tombance's plans. For me my next upgrade might be nForce2. PC2700 would more than suffice even for the future. However, I might later switch to a P4/DDR platform and having the faster DDR400 might be a good idea (if I don't have to pay too much for it).

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  10. i too am planning on going down the nforce 2 road-that's why i've been constantly checking on memory prices.think i'll go for pc 2700 purely coz i am on a budget and i don't think i would notice the difference.haven't really considered p4 dc ddr coz by the time granite bay reaches uk the athlon 64s will probably be out!

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  11. well, thats the thing. The chances of me upgrading anytime soon are pretty slim. Im only a student and cant really afford to upgrade more than about every three years (im saving for university). So probably by the time I upgrade again it will be DDRII thats the mainstream product and my PC3200 wont be compatibe anymore. I am going to build a system for my parents pretty soon, although Ill be keeping that seperate from mine.
  12. i too am a student but i keep managing to upgrade thanks to ebay.what i do is build a computer and then sell it for a not too major profit on ebay and then build a slightly better one for myself.admittedly i usually get bored with the new one after about a month and sell it again for a slight profit so i can build again.it keeps things interesting though.

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  13. Thats kinda wot im doing ATM. I build computers from spares from ebay then sell them for a massive profit (£200 on the last one, people are so stupid). Then i use that profit to either upgrade my comp, or build a new one. if i build a new one I sell the old one for a profit aswell, its a good system :)
  14. i haven't been able to make that kind of profit but then i suppose the higher spec you build, the more profit you can make.hmmm...maybe i should build a dual mp or xeon system and sell it for a major profit.it's a bit of a risk but it would be fun to build something that powerful.i'd probably wanna keep it though.
    any tips on how you manage to get so much profit on ebay?i only ever get about £100 max.

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  15. I didnt sell it on ebay, I bought the bits from ebay (where people know how much things are really worth) and then sold it through my local newspaper (where as long as i put 'internet ready' and 'intel pentium' people will give loads for it). Im thinking of selling my old p3 750 with a Geforce2 MX and advertising it as a 'hardcore gaming rig' that would be sooo funny :) I reckon £300 profit this time.
  16. that's a good idea.people who read local newspapers are bound to be less savvy about computers than those on ebay.think i might have to try it, although i think it's probably easier to make a profit on something rubbish than on something good if you know what i mean.people don't understand things like ddr ram or 7200 rpm hds etc, they just want big words and big numbers like 'superfast 400 megahertz microprocessor' LOL!

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  17. LOL exactly. I sold a celeron 400 and a 33.6k modem (thats internet ready!!) and a crappy 15" monitor + keyboard + mouse for £340 , which gave me around about £200 profit. im in the process of building a p133 (which i plant to OC to 250, it can be done) with another 33.6k modem, and a 14" monitor (got given that free lol). Probably get around £300 for that if Im lucky. All I do is install win98 (using one CD), install all of the added extras from the CD, and usually install office 97. Its good enough software for them.
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