Online help to configure firewall settings of tenda router

can any1 tell me .. hw to disable firewall on w302r tenda router?
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  1. why would you want to disable the firewall?
  2. i hav trouble opening site like m4math sometimes facebook too .. so.. do yu know how to do it?
  3. to test if the firewall is really to problem assign a static IP to your computer and enter that IP into the DMZ of the router
  4. can yu explain mehow to do that in detail?
    the prob is i wont be able to login to any account which has 'https' :(
  5. can you log into the router?
  6. can you connect your computer directly to the modem and browse?
  7. yea.. if i connect my computer without using dis router.. i hav no issues with any site..
    n yea i can even login into the router..
  8. my email id is,,..
    n thank you for replying.. hope yu will solve my problem :)
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