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hi so i was noticing that my internet speeds are REALLY SLOWWWWWWW. When im downloading a game from steam i get about 400-500 KB/S MAX. when i was at my friends house he has like 1 mb/s but he can download a game in 1 min that would take me probably 1+ hours. It took me about 10 hours to download tf2.

I want to keep the cost down because ive got about $100 left from my 3570k and gtx 670 build.

to keep the cost down im using a REALLYYY old D-link WDA-2320 ( its probly over 4 years, maybe 5 :D , but it says it gets 108 mb/s)

I have service with consolidated for internet. We have a 3mb/s plan. I actually dont know if getting a new router or whatever will help me because may be I should upgrade our plan?

is wired alot better than wireless?

what things should i buy/ upgrade?

do you think i will actually be able to get better ping?

I want to show you picture of my network stuff but i dont know how. Do I give a website/URL for the picture? or should i just give you my email address? (no spam plz :p )

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    You should always run wired especially for gaming. Wireless is too susceptible to random interference.

    Now it depends what numbers you really are posting. Most downloads on machines are rated in byte/second. Network speeds are rated in bits/second. If you really are getting 400-500KB (Capital B in most writing means bytes). You are getting above the speed you are promised. this would be 3.2-4Mb (megabits)

    Most routers have no issues running at these speeds.
  2. my router is in a different room, so should i have a cable go from my rig-into the actic-and in the router?
  3. when my gaming rig is on i have 4 bars in the lower right hand, near my time. but in my old intel laptop i have 5 bars...

    do you think my wireless card?
  4. *cough*

    do you thunk my wireless card is dieing from age?
  5. Though the attic is the common way. Many people put in wall plates to make it look professional but pretty much it works to just run a wire directly.

    There is no way to determine anything from how many bars they get. Its all up to the manufacture what they mean. Cellphones lie all the time to make people think they get better reception than they do.

    The strength of a wireless signal does not mean a lot. You can get strong signal but still have lots of errors do to interference. The more important one some wireless cards have that show the quality of the signal which takes into account errors.
  6. can you tell ne how i can post of picture plz? i want to show you my router.
  7. helllllllooooooooooooooo
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