Combining ethernet and wifi networks

I'd like to know if there is some easy-ish way to combine wifi and ethernet in a network.
Since a picture says a thousand words, here's what I want to achieve:

I use the desktop computer as a file and media server using windows home group.
I have the laptop running windows 7 connected to the TV.
So far I've been using just wifi, but when I try to stream movies from my desktop to the laptop I get freezes and glitches.
I can't connect both my desktop and laptop wired to the ADSL router, since it's behind a wall I'm not allowed to drill trough.
I have a spare network switch and cables, so I was thinking I could connect the ethernet adapters on the desktop and laptop together trough the switch, I'm just not sure how to configure the computers.

Does anyone have any sugestions?
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  1. assign static IP to the two computer like and network mask of

    Do NOT assign a Gateway and DNS server IP
  2. I tried that, and it seems to work on my desktop, but my laptop keeps turning my wireless network adapter off.

    I set the routers DHCP to only give out adresses from to
    Then I gave my desktops ethernet adapter the static IP, and the laptops ethernet adapter (The router is

    I don't understand why my laptop keeps turning off my wireless card.
    I go to "network and sharing center", then "change adapter setings" and right click the wirless adapter and choose "diagnose".
    Then it says that it's turned off, and turns it on. After a few seconds it's turned off again.
    And I need both the wired and wireless connections to work, since I need to reach the internet from the laptop as well.

    Might bridging the two network interfaces on my desktop be an idea?
    I'm not 100% sure how network bridging works, but wouldn't that effectively connect the switch to my wifi?
  3. It may be a bios setting. Some laptops also install network selection managers that are not part of windows. This is not a standard windows thing you need to look for software option in vendor software. Maybe if you posted the model of pc it maybe someone that knows would see the post.
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