Blue Error problem just for XP gurus

Whenever i play a 3d game at some point i get a blue screen error that says something like isrq_isn't_equal bla bla. I've updated my video card driver to the last version (xpdetonator).

when i installed xp the instalation program gave me the same error everytime i tried to install windows and the guy who sold it to me told me that my ram had errors. I bought new ram to replace the old one and i could install windows without the blue screen.

Now after 1 week of use the error happens again whenever i run a 3d game. The ram i bought was 128 mB pc133 and it was the cheapest at the store (I'm just a student i can't afford expensive ram) should i go to the store and demand another ram module?

Please help me
PD: thanks to all the people who gave me advice on this forum preaviusly
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  1. not sure but the same sort of thing happens to me....just b4 i was trying to post and i got yet another bsod :(
    happens during games and any other time...

    can dodgy ram do this cause i bought VERY cheap ram? or could it be a dodgy psu cause that was cheap too....

    i just formatted yesterday so theres no junk on my hdd

    thnx for help (and stealing this guys thread =P)
  2. I'm not sure what you can try, but here's <A HREF="" target="_new">MemTest86</A>. You can check to see if your memory stick is bad.

    If possible, I would highly recommend some Crucial memory. I know it might not be <b>the cheapest</b>, but is it worth your money to deal with all of these errors? I know I wouldn't want to. <font color=red>My two cents...</font color=red>

    Good the both of you (especially you, FobZY) :wink:


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  3. Crucial isnt without its problems either. I had 2 sticks of 256MB PC2100, and one of them died after 4 months the other week. The replacement stick they sent me died in 5 minutes. The replacement for the replacement had issues as well, it'll be going back shortly. Maybe i'm just having bad luck. Oh well, at least the customer service is great.

    The first stick and its replacement started showing only half their capacity in the bios and windows. The last stick failed a few bios memory scans, and won't let me stay up for more than 5 minutes without a crash. System runs great on the one stick that does work, in any slot. I've tried several combinations of slots on the motherboard, and i'm pretty sure its in good working order (gigabyte 7vtxe).
  4. That error is one that I typically see when there's a hardware or driver problem, but I don't believe it's necessarily ONLY the memory. Give us your system specs.

    Since it's a 3d problem another quick try would be to update your DirectX drivers. The other obvious potential cause is that you're overheating your GeForce... try chaning you ventilation and test again (leave the case open and on it's side for instance... make sure there's an open slot next to the GF card, etc...) note any changes in behavior and let us know.

    I've got two systems running XP... an Athlon2000+/GF3/XP-Pro box (liquid cooled), and a PII-450/Voodoo3-3500/Whistler(XP Server) box.

    Both have been reliable but I had a few installation glitches to overcome in both cases.
  5. my graphic card is an innovision riva tnt2 m64 32 mb and it has no fan.
    And the error is says "isrq_not_less_or_equal".
    I've checked the ram memory with a dos program and it says its ok. I have updated direct x and my video card drivers.
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