memory comparison and question about dual channel.

Well for one, i sorta shoulda knew that you needed to have 2 chips for dual channel, but i didnt want to buy 2 512 chips, oh well, cant have enough ram right?
well my second question is which of these 2 have you guys heard, or recommend?

512MB OCZ PC3200 Rev 2 DDR400
512MB Corsair PC3200 DDR400 CMX512-3200

i plan on getting the Asus A7V8X Deluxe, just because i have to have the best of the best, i was also reading, being the amd 2600+ is only 333 fsb, you get better performance with DDR 333 instead of 400?

if thats the case, what memory (DDR333) do you guys recommended? (between ocz, and corsair, or unless you guys know of another hardcore memory manufacturer)

any help is greatly appreciated..
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  1. Mushkin is the best I think. If the ram doesn't work then you can return it without a restocking fee. Also their memory is tested. If you buy it untested you could get bad ram.

    Also timing is important, say for example DDR 333 with 333 will perform not as good as DDR 333 with 222 timing.
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