How to connect two computers having different gateway


I am trying to connect a old desktop to a laptop using android phone tethering feature. Where desktop is using linux and connected to phone through usb tethering.

Laptop connected to phone using wifi hotspot

desktop has address

laptop has address

I can ping from
also vice versa
I can ping from

but not able to ping each others host ips

Please suggest.

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  1. What device has the and addresses.

    If this is the same devices as I suspect it will respond to any of its addresses on any of its ports BUT unless it is a device designed to be a router it will not actually pass and packets between the 2 interface it will only terminate the packets on itself
  2. It can't possibly work and if it could, it would be a most unsecure network. Why can you not simply connect by an ethernet cable for simple networking purposes using SAMBA and then go on to share the Windows system's Internet connection.
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