Mod Portable DVD Player to Include AV-Inputs?

How difficult would it be to add a/v input into an existing device (such as a portable dvd player) with currently no a/v inputs, but only a/v outs?
My reasoning is that I received a hand-me-down portable player, but I was under the impression that it could handle A/V in by default; so I was about to plug in a Playstation (or other game console) into it. Understandably, I could sell the portable player and buy a portable screen with money to spare, however in my case, it's a matter of respect for the party that gave me the said device.
Any EE's around?
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  1. Probably too difficult. But, if you don't mind taking the risk of breaking it, you could at least open it up and take a look at the board to see if it is obvious what to do. If the manufacturer makes a slightly different model with a video in, they might use the same board in the device, only minus the connector. It's a long shot though
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