What kind of DSL modem should I get?

OK, I need to know if they have win-dsl modems like winmodems. My friend just got Bellsouth DSL with a DSL USB modem. Well, he gets good connections, but he gets disconnected when he plays counter Strike. He called tech-support and they say he has to have 80% resources to stay online! What kind of [-peep-] is that? Now, I run linux as well as winblows, and would like to know what is a good\cheap dsl modem. I mean, the whole fuggin point to dsl is to stay online and fast speeds lolol. When I do buy a dsl modem I want to network with my 2 computers and use my current for main. So that means I should buy a dsl that connects to a network instead of USB right? Someone please give me some advise to do these things and any URL's that might be of help. I'm no noob with computers, just networking and dsl :)

800 Duron
128 ram
2#20 gig(5400&7200)
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  1. With my ADSL service, I use a 3COM Homeconnect modem. It's very reliable and connects to my hub via a RJ45 cable.

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