Has anyone sat the new Microsoft Windows 7 Qualification? I'm studying the MCITP at the moment and have my exams (680, 685) on around the 4th of February and was wondering if anyone has any tips on the questions the may ask in the exam/vitalities that i will need to go over in a hope of passing this thing :).

I got over 90% on both modules of my A+ and have a large knowledge of computers and Windows 7 but after sitting multiple mock exams for the MCITP i notice the structure is much different to how CompTIA generate an exam.

I would be very greatful for any advice or hints to how to revise effectively for the MCITP and topics that Microsoft like the most to ask about.

Thanks a lot.
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  1. Get the brain dumps ;) from test king
  2. I will consider it, thank-you fowang :).
  3. the microsoft exams are easy, try doing cisco ccnp ;)
  4. I am interested in doing the CompTIA Ethical Hacking and Security+, how much are the cisco exams roughly?
  5. Better to pass first check MS book but try to download exam materials from Certify-me its best and Free as well.
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