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I need some speaker help. Im currently using an Altec Lansing ACS45 speakers, which has 2 speakers and a sub woofer for 100 dollars, i bought this in the early 90's, and im still using em.

Like 5 years ago, i was researching speakers to buy, and saw that the Cambridge FPS 2000 speakers had nothing but really good reviews, all reviews said it produces really good quality sound, and its a godsend blah blah. Well, i bought them and i was really disappointed. Even though they are 4 speakers with sub woofer, my old Altec Lancing speakers simply sounded better. I don't know exactly why or what made my older speakers sounded better but they do. So ever since that, i can't trust speaker reviews! One theory is that my Altec Lansing has 6 watts per Satellite speaker, while the FPS2000 only has 3.5 watts per speaker. I dont know if that's it or not. Does anybody have any ideas here?

I am currently trying to find a good speaker system for doom3, and could use any help. Volume and loud bass is not my concern right now, cause where i currently live, im not aloud to turn the sound up any higher than even i can barely hear it. But this will change in a few years, so im looking for speakers that sound really nice at low volume and high volume for later when i move out of here. Also price is no concern, i will buy the most expensive thing if i have to.

It would be nice to have like the same quality as my Altec Lansing speakers, but with 5.1 of course, is there any speakers out there that can do this?

My Altec Lansing speaker specs:


bought for: 99.99 at Circuit City
PowerCube Speaker System (three piece Multimedia audio)
Frequency response = 42Hz - 18kHz+-3dB
Satellite Power = 6 watts at 0.8% THD, 3'' Shielded Satellite driver
Subwoofer Power = 20 Watts at 0.8% THD, 4'' Long Throw Subwoofer Driver
Input Impedance = 10,000 ohms

It seems to me that my options are looking at:

Logitech Z-680

Cambridge SoundWorks MegaWorks 550 5.1 (I dont know if i can trust them though!)

Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 Ultra

Is there any other options you recommend? I might just buy em all, then return the ones i dont want, heh.
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  1. Well, I realize your post is a few days old, but I can say as a 5.1 ultra owner, the Klipsch speakers kick ass.
    I recently installed the Ultras running an Audigy2 ZS, and they're great. Think I paid about $260 direct from Klipsch.

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