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So for about a week now some guy has been calling my wife and when she answers he does not talk, just breathes into the phone. ( obviously this started to scare her ) then she had a guy at her work answer when he called again, this time he just hung up no breathing into the phone.
A few minutes latter she gets an email.

[Title: Phone Etiquette

"Rule # 1

It is impolite to have someone else answer the phone for you."/]

His email is from gmail and it seems gmail does not include the ip address in the header. I've also tried the reverse look up for the phone numbers ( it's been 2-3 diff numbers all (210) 353-XXXX

Is there a way to get the ip address from a gmail account or find name/address of the phone number ( they are land lines not cell )

I really just want to know who it is, I just have a feeling it is someone we know possibly someone on her Facebook friends. It just makes it worse thinking it could be someone I see all the time and their actually doin this
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  1. Notify the police, this is harrassment. They could possibly get the info
  2. few things you can do. first off file a police report. with a police report the polcie can get the info from your isp where the email came from..then get the info from the other isp. yourself on monday call your phone company and report the stalking. once you file a report if the person using the same phone company..but say a work phones from an office building they can tell you that.
    also contact gmail and file a report with them. you can also pay leagle web searches 10-20.00 and get all the info from those two phone numbers. free ones are like if it a cell phone call the cell phone company. one trick too is look at your phone company or cell phone 3 way calling and how to do fun to put a stalker on three way with local 911.
  3. Your best chance of stoping this is to report it to the police. They will contact Apple and get the IP address. Also keep a list of times called and number called from. Give this to them also.
    You can look up the numbers on
    you can also find information on
    Some info is free fulldetailed info is cheap if it stops your problem.
  4. better yet play along "hi darling how was your day thinking about you oh your so nasty when i hear you breath oh you you big nasty man" ;)

    ok serious note call police yes agreed, if they dont want to do anything change your phone number and email
  5. You cannot get the location of a person from their email ip address, however the police can so you should contact them.
  6. if it happens again i will just call the police. sofar no calls over the weekend, i dont know if whoever it is only does it when they know im not around ( like when my wife is at work ) or if they got other ppl to stalk on weekends, or maybe it really is someone i know and word got around when i started askin afew of my friends that are cyber security / penitration testers how i should go about finding out who this is. but its prolly for the best i didnt find the ip address so i didnt end up the one dealing with police (as a cyber security student i have learned some nasty things to send).

    Im normally very tolarent of things when it comes to guys hitting on my wife ( it happens alot when out a bars, but i dont really care cuz I know shes coming how with me ) but as soon as i inform them shes my wife thats the end. but this is a whole new level and just really pissed me off. i guess ill see tomorrow if it keeps happening but at this point who ever it is, is not worth my time our the chance of me breaking the law/ruining future career ill just call the police and show them the phone logs and emails.
  7. Yep, call the police.
  8. dean0351 said:
    Is there a way to get the ip address from a gmail account or find name/address of the phone number ( they are land lines not cell )
    Not for you there isn't.
    But the police do it all the time.
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