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Does anyone know if brand names affect the performance of memory chips e.g Transcend 512DDR and Kingston 512DDR or are they all the same in performance? Thanks.
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  1. For the average user the brand does not matter a huge amount. But if you plan on overclocking, or are looking for the best perfomance, I would recommend Corsair as a brand.

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  2. DDR and SD RAM are synchronous devices (as opposed to eg. compact flash storage). Their performance is entirely given by clock frequency and timing parameters. Hence running the RAM with the same clockfrequency and timing will give you identical results.
    However, the RAM module has a small eprom onboard that holds the timing information (this is also referred to as the SPD). A good quality module may have faster timing settings than another, and hence running them out of the box without overclocking may result in marginal performance differences.

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