I am computer illiterate and running win 7, I need an IM program that will allow me to take content from the desktop format it and send it in a message, instead of having to do the whole email thing. am will to trade 22 year old sister for any information helping me in this matter, Good day
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  1. Kindly attach pic of sister.
  2. I'm kidding, of course... as are you, I think...

    Attaching content is probably easier to do via email... I don't think one could get any lazier than that. That said, perhaps you should try Skype - very popular and allows for file transfer as well. The benefit of doing so per email is that most everyone has an email address. To transfer via Skype obviously requires both sides to run Skype. Same applies to other messengers.
  3. Both Yahoo Messenger and Live Messenger let you 'drag and drop' files for transfer.

    But can you do a better job explaining...

    "take content from the desktop ... format it ... and send it in a message"

    Maybe a couple examples of how you work.
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