1200 mghz and 4 channel and 32 bit RDRAM


There is as more presentation Rapid I/O 3 GIO Hyper transport if you look to learn some other s stuff also just download Samsung roadmap for info.Pc1200 is state to come in Q4 but in think in only short channel.

Now what to do??
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  1. WIth no rambus in intels future chipsets I dont see them making any business from intel, but they have business from 3rd party makeer chipsets and things like sony playstation.
  2. In the end I am frankly beginning not to care anymore.
    Rambus has yet to get PC1066 mainstream, do I care anymore if they are planning some new channeling and speeds?
    Hell no, those guys are SERIOUSLY DRAGGING A$$, and that plain pisses me. On top of that they charge abnormal premiums, like 299$ CDN for 256MB sticks, quality Mushkin, IIRC.

    Until Rambus sets their feet and hands straight, I just don't care what they come up with, as it will barely affect us.

    And for the record, I'm willing to bet PC800 sticks have sold more than PS2s did with the RDRAM in them! That's HOW much Rambus would win if they only relied on Sony's console's memory. (hint: it ain't good)

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  3. Don't know about canada, but it's been real easy to get 1066 rdram in the US, I got mine in august.
  4. There are few places here, and it is incredibly expensive, just NOT worth the extra 2-5% performance boost.
    The rare 10% boosts are, as stated, RARE!
    The soon to arrive Dual Channel SiS or Intel Springdale will make sure we can finally get nearly the entire supply of 4.2GB/sec (latency hindering and all), and for little money.

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  5. RSL is superior for ever market possible at lower cost in overall.

    Now what to do??
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