Internet extremley slow.

Hey guys,

I have the F5d8053v6 Belkin Wireless USB adapter. For a couple days, its been fine, getting around 500 kb/s-600 kb/s with it. However, suddenly, it just went extremely slow. Nothing was downloading etc. I tested my speed with a download and I had about 90 kb/s at the start, slowing down quickly to about 30 kb/s locked! I have no idea what made this happen. Everything was fine, I did not touch any settings. After this event happened, I reinstalled the drivers, restarted computer, and did a system restore. Nothing resolved this! I have a NETGEAR router which my brother uses, he's fine, nothing happened to him, however he is using an Ethernet cable to connect him to the Internet, unlike me - I use wireless. My brother says he did not touch in any way the router settings. My sister is coming over from Uni today, and I'd like to see her speed with this, unless its my adapter playing up.
Any ideas guys?

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  1. Specs:
    Win 7 Professional 64bit.
    4GB Ram
    E5400 @ 2.5 GHZ
    F5d8053v6 Belkin Wireless USB adapter with "f5d8053v6-win7" drivers. Latest for v6 adapter and 64 bit Win 7.
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