How i print the pdf file

how i print the pdf file. i can not print the pdf file
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  1. Can you read the .PDF file?

    Acrobat Reader > Troubleshoot PDF Printing
  2. If you want to print a file as a PDF then you need some software for that "cute PDF" will do that for you
  3. If you want to print .pdf's to paper sometimes they are permission locked by the author from printing, editing and select-copying (ctrl+c), you may need permission from the author to do so, there are various programs availiable that unlock .pdf files but their legal use is questionable.

    On the other hand if you want to print to or save as a .pdf file then you will need adobe acrobat distiller, there maybe other apps availiable that do this aswell, an there maybe even a few websites that offer a online conversion service for .doc(x) files to .pdf but if its for sensitive information I would recommend not using those sevices.
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