Why not RAM Drive?

I dont understand why there isnt more talk about a Real Ram Disk. That is a ATA Hybrid RAM Disk Drive. With RAM being resonable cheap and being so much faster then harddrives. Why not have a drive made entirely of ram? Perhaps with a battery backup. Harddrives come with 4mb of cache on them and we get all excited why cant we get a drive with a 1GB of cheap ram on it so that we have the biggest buffer in teh world? Help me out if you know anything about somehting like this. The best ive seen on the net was some crappy site selling a card similar to what im talking about. http://snarf.buyitsellit.com/StoreFront/welcomePage?store=1195
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  1. RAM is just waay too expensive for that amount of storage. No one would be willing to spend that amount of money.
    Comparing to the some of the cheapest RAM modules, RAM storage is still about 60-80 times more expensive pr. MB than harddisk storage.
    Futher, although RAM modules have increased in capacity enormously, consider how much space 100 or so modules will require.
    A large amount of RAM modules also presents the hardware designers with the challenge of actually driving all these chips.

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  2. There are RAM drives for those who have the change. THG even did a review way back when.

    Oh, and they rule.
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