USB 2.0 with an old case

My last mobo fried a few weeks ago, it only supported USB 1.1. The new board I bought (MSI KT3 Ultra2) to replace it supports USB 2.0. Here's my question:

The rear usb 2.0 bracket is fine, but my current case has front mounted ports too. The connectors on the board are the same so I was wondering if I were to plug the front mounted ports (originaly from USB 1.1) onto the USB 2.0 capable motherboard. Would it work in USB 2 mode? Or is there a difference between the actual connectors between the two standards?

I would just test it with a 2.0 device, but I don't have any right now. Depending on whether or not this works, I'd like to purchase some mobile usb2 devices. (no firewire btw).

Thanks all!
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  1. The connectors are the same, but I think the USB 2.0 cable requires shielding, and possibly higher quality cables. You should try it and see.

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