Router has internet but no internet connection

So im no computer genious go easy on me will explain the best i router has intermet but i cannot get a connection to my computerbut its not just my computer my bfs computer our PlayStation nothing can connect to it right now i tried going in network and settings and diagnosing it and i tried unplugging the motem amd all the wires nothing is working. Two of the lights on the motem are green one is orange the wirless is lighting up blue. This is not the first time came back after a while last time but now its not.
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  1. which lights are green, which one is orange?

    what modem and router do you have?
  2. Ive been messing around with it the power button is green, 1 is green 2 is now green amd it wasn't before and the wirless button is green. But...still no internet :/. Modem is comcast and router is netgear
  3. Nvm we fixed it...was a stupid fix lol
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