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I am rebuilding an old PC (P 100) for a friend and I can't see my CD drive in the BIOS or Windows. I have tried several known good drives and cables, but still nothing. I have tried to slave it, CS it, and master it and I still get no result. I can place my HD on both the primaary and secondary IDE's and the hard drive can be seen. The CD cannot be seen on either. It was working in the past. Any help would greatly be appreciated! :smile:
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  1. What do you mean "Working in the past"
    How past? what speed is it? Does it still work When you transfe rthe drive back? Do the lights come on at bootup?

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  2. When I had the PC 2 yrs ago, the CD drive was seen in the BIOS. I was able to use it with no problems. That same CD drive I can place into my other PC's and the BIOS sees it, and it works. When I transfer that same CD drive into my Pent 100 PC, the BIOS still doesn't see it. The drive is a 6x. I do not see any lights on that drive in my P 100 PC because the BIOS no longer recongnizes it. The light will come on, however, in my other PC's because the BIOS recognizes it.

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